Andreas Qassim and Jimmy Wallin are those comic book stars we all aspire to be. Really cool stuff. Can’t wait for the next issue of The Pacifiers!
-Joe Murray, creator of Rocko’s Modern Life and Camp Lazlo

The Pacifiers is the reason comics were invented. These guys write funny, every drawing is hilarious and the perfect level of surrealism for my British humor sensibilities! My faith in comics is restored. Long live The Pacifiers!
-Mike Quinn, Nien Nunb in the Star Wars movies and Muppet performer


Hallå Lund! No. 7 2017



I was honestly inspired – it’s playful, spontaneous, meaningful and unique. I wanted to draw the characters myself straight away! To hold the book in your hands, flicking through the pages, experiencing the artwork and the atmosphere – it gave me a real kick. All your passion comes out of this book.
-Hans Jørgen Sandnes, animation director of Alf Prøysen’s Children’s Songs and illustrator of the book series The Detective Bureau No. 2

Love the style. It looks sloppy.
-Max Gustafson, comic artist and political cartoonist